Sunday, March 27, 2011

Miniature Fruit & Nuts Fondant or Clay, Resin or Plastic Molds

 These molds make the tiniest miniature fruits and nuts.  I just love how they turned out. :)
You can use these to make little fruit salads for your dollhouse miniatures or for DIY Kawaii jewelry!


  1. These are amazing! (I don't have a crafty bone in my body!) Thanks for visiting me at A Season for All Things. I'm now following you and can't wait to see what you add. ~ Ellen

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    Check them out. We have a craft show coming up and your crafts are very nice and unique...just what people look for :)


  4. Wow, Just stumbled into your blogs from following links around web. You are very crafty and talented. Definately Following you. - Debbie

  5. Adorable! They almost look edible like fruit snacks ^^
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  6. Found you via the blog hop! :) i'm your new follower.

    those miniature clays are great, they look real! :)

  7. How cute! They may not look so real but they're like jelly candies.

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  10. Cool. They look really cute. You are indeed very creative. Also thanks for dropping by my blog and following. I have returned the favor with pleasure. :-)

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  11. I have a few questions. I have been looking all day and can not find the answer...
    1. I need plates and foods for a our kidos polly pocket/strawberry shortcake/littlest petshop 'collection.' Do you sell these?
    2. Can you melt pony beads in these?
    3. If you can not... what do you suggest using if I am making tiny toys for the kidos?
    THANKS so much in advance!

  12. I will post the Eastern bunnies I made ith your molds next week! they are so tiny, perfect and adorable !!
    Thanks again , Saturday I´ll place my new order.

    Congrats on your great work!


  13. These are all so cute!! Following you from a Friday hop!